10 Steps to Writing Your First Book

10 Steps to Writing Your First Book


Ok, you want to write and publish your first book. How do you go about it? What do you need to know?


Writing your first book could be daunting and challenging. I know.

In 2007 when I wrote my first book, I was clueless. I didn’t know a thing about publishing. I did what I knew by asking questions and at the end was able to publish my book, “Your Importance to Your Generation.”


And the book did amazingly well. Fast forward, today I have written 14 books.


I shared my story to encourage you that there is always the first time. Even Stephen King did not have it altogether when he wrote his first book.


Having said that, what are the steps to fast-track your success in writing your first book?


1. Stop Overthinking

Overthinking will not allow you to finish your book and get it out. We are all aware of the silly thoughts in our heads that tell us “we are not good enough, nobody will read this crap, who am I to advise others? I am not an expert, I need to do more research…”


Too much analysis leads to paralysis. The best advice I can give you is “Don’t overthink it.” If you have a desire to write you are already good enough.


Start writing.

2. What is the purpose of Your book?

This question is very important because it will affect every other thing. Are you writing to educate, inspire, motivate or entertain? If you are writing to educate your book should be filled with “How to(s),” so that at the end your readers will know exactly what to do.


If you are writing to inspire, your book should be packed with the inspirational stories that truly inspire. Trust you get the idea?

3. Write the first Draft.

This is not the time to censor your ideas. Just allow your thoughts to flow. At this stage don’t worry about grammar, structure, or punctuation, you will do that later. Allow your creative ideas to flow without any inhibition.


4. Re-write.

Good writing is simply re-writing. Nobody writes the best book the first time. At this stage, look for flow. Is this idea logical? Should this paragraph be here?


At the re-writing stage, it’s possible to re-write an entire paragraph or chapter.


You also want to add more illustrations or examples or statistics to boost the quality of your book.


5. Self-Edit

It’s important to give your book to a professional editor, but before you do that, first edit your work yourself. Get familiar with basic editing skills to enable you spot errors in your work.


6. Get feedback


Give your finished work to a professional editor, friends, or mentors, or use good editing software. Feedback will enable you to see what you couldn’t have seen yourself and add more value to your book.


So, don’t sacrifice quality for haste.


7. Get Good Cover Design

People judge books by their cover especially online. A great book with a poorly designed cover can affect sales.


You have done the hard work of writing your book, don’t let a badly designed cover spoil your hard work. Look around for professional cover designers on Guru.com or Fiverr to get started.


8. Publish

Having done this, you can simply self-publish your book online. Bookteria is a great place to start. For how to publish on BOOKTERIA click Here.


9. Talk About Your Book


Once your book is live in your favorite bookstore like BOOKTERIA, blow the trumpet. Shout it on the rooftop!


Tell the world you have written a book. Share the link to your book on all your social media platforms. Remember that it’s a “BESTSELLING author” not a “BEST-WRITING author. “


You can write the best book in the world but if nobody knows about it, it will die in obscurity.


10. Write Another Book

Don’t be a one-time author. The more you write the better you become. Don’t allow the sale of your first book to de-motivate you. Your second or third book may be the best promotional tool for your first book.


Inscribe these words where you can see them in your house or office, “KEEP WRITING.”


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The Author

Duyilemi Akindele Felix is the international best-selling author of “How to Borrow God’s Brain to Succeed”and other bestsellers

He is a Greatness Coach, Pastor and global Mentor. You can reach him at [email protected]

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